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27 Aug 2015

Mulesing pain relief now well in place — so now for the next steps in pain management for sheep


Emeritus Professor Peter Windsor, University of Sydney, spoke on progress in pain management in sheep and other livestock at the PanPacific Veterinary Conference in Brisbane in May. Windsor and his team have extensively researched the efficacy of pain relieving drugs in livestock and willingly challenges a few myths about the way animals feel pain.

24 Aug 2015

Australian wool production to ease in 2015/16


The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee forecasts that shorn wool production for 2015/16 will decline by 4.3% to 332 mkg. This reflects a 3.7% fall in shorn sheep numbers, a result of the continued high turn-off of sheep and lambs in 2014/15, while average fleece weights are expected to be 0.7% lower than in 2014/15.

18 Aug 2015

Look after animal welfare or pay the price, warns wool buyer


ONE of the world's largest wool-buying and processing companies wants Australian farmers to be forced into using pain relief when performing animal husbandry operations on sheep.

24 Jul 2015

Rodd & Gunn joins the Woolmark licensing program


The latest brand to gain Woolmark and Woolmark Blend certification is premium menswear label Rodd & Gunn. With a heritage dating back to 1946, the label's affiliation and relationship with wool resonates with the values and qualities upheld by the Woolmark brand.

21 Jul 2015

El Nino fuels disturbing trend


Global temperature records continued to tumble in June, as the strengthening El Nino in the Pacific combined with background warming from climate change.

20 Jul 2015

Pataonia Makes the Perfect Wool Baselayer for Summer


Patagonia just announced the release of its new Merino Air line, a collection of what the company is calling "the world's most advanced base layer."

30 Jun 2015

Gunning wool graziers call for more research funding for genomics


Fifteen years ago the penny dropped for Gunning wool grazier Greg Hallam and his wife Trish who switched to a more scientific and profitable way of producing fibre. Now they are puzzled why their peak industry body is undermining genetic research.

29 Jun 2015

Sheep and wool industry agreement needed on PETA and animal activists


More agreement was need within the sheep and wool industry on how to counter animal activist attacks, according to WoolProducers Australia Rochard Halliday. In the latest edition of quarterly industry newsletter...

29 Jun 2015

MLA Report ranks sheep and goat industries' worse diseases


Which diseases have the biggest economic impact on Australia's sheep and goat industries? A systematic review recently completed for Meat & Livestock Australia has calculated and ranked 23 sheep and 9 goat diseases in terms of their economic cost to both industries.

25 Jun 2015

Emma Hegarty Wins Inaugural Trans-Tasman Award


Emma Hegarty, 27 year old Beef Extension Officer for Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), has scooped the prestigious Zanda McDonald Award 2015...

17 Jun 2015

Shearers mulesing crackdown


The controversial practise of mulesing has been thrust back into the spotlight by some unlikely advocates who are calling on the industry to spearhead an aggressive anti-mulesing campaign...

15 Jun 2015

Scientists Demonstrate More Fallacies Of 'Manmade Global Warming'


It seems that every few weeks we hear or see some scientific data that seriously challenges the politically correct notion that the activities of man, burning fossil fuels for energy, are irreversibly and catastrophically damaging the Earth's atmosphere and causing global temperatures to rise to dangerous levels...

11 Jun 2015

Wool grower believes live animal export industry needs to work alongside animals activists for better welfare and trade outcomes


The live export industry needs to start talking more positively and stop demonising those opposed to the trade, according to NSW farmer and Australian Wool Growers Association director Charles 'Chick' Olsson. He quoted a 19th century French economist, who famously said, 'if goods don't cross borders, then soldiers will'...

11 Jun 2015

Important message from Genevieve re country or origin labelling laws... Everyone is free to participate


The government have been holding industry consultation during April and May 2015 regarding country of origin labelling and are currently running a survey to gauge the views of consumers (with the feedback to be considered in the development of the Commonwealth's proposals, with a working group of Ministers...

09 Jun 2015

Researchers questioning numbers in Australian Wool Innovation report


AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation has come under fire for its economic report released last week which shows just a 45c return for every dollar invested in genetic and genomic research. And genetics research in the sheep industry has been grossly undervalued according to researchers...

5 Jun 2015

Woolly questions for AWI


SO, Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) invested a measly $3.3 million in sheep genetics and genomics research during 2010-13. AWI released a media statement this week to announce an independent analysis (it commissioned) had revealed growers lost 55 cents from every dollar spent on genetic and genomics research during that period, mainly in support of the Information Nucleus Flock (INF) and MerinoSelect...

01 Jun 2015

Jenny Kee launches Australian Merino wool knitwear collection


Iconic Australian designer Jenny Kee, in collaboration with The Woolmark Company, has created a new limited edition Australian Merino wool capsule collection, reminiscent of her recognisable Australiana knitwear from the 1980s...

28 Mar 2015

Australian Wool Innovation criticised by major wool growers


AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation has been slammed as "irrelevant" and "insignificant" by some of the nation's biggest wool growers. The criticism comes ahead of this year's WoolPoll, which will determine the amount of grower levy funding for the next three years, and the biannual AWI board elections...

16 Apr 2015

Jona Weinhofen should stick to guitar: his anti-shearing ad is a work of fiction


Adelaide-born musician, vegan and Peta activist, Jona Weinhofen should stick to his day job, guitarist in metalcore band I Killed the Prom Queen. His starring performance in a video produced by Peta is ill-informed, incendiary and inflammatory...

31 Mar 2015

Lismore's Ellie Stephens sashed at last


IT WAS a case of second time lucky for this year's The Land Sydney Royal Showgirl Ellie Stephens from Lismore. Ellie, a business development manager for a Lismore accountancy, was a state finalist in competition in 2012, and returned this year with the calm and confidence necessary to take the sash...

24 Mar 2015

German supermarket chain ups the ante on animal welfare


A German supermarket chain has introduced a wide-ranging supply-chain policy on animal welfare that may be the most progressive in the world. Sadly, Australia's supermarket chains are far behind in introducing such measures, despite their positive impact on public health...

22 Mar 2015

'97% Of Climate Scientists Agree' Is 100% Wrong


If you've ever expressed the least bit of skepticism about environmentalist calls for making the vast majority of fossil fuel use illegal, you've probably heard the smug response: "97% of climate scientists agree with climate change" - which always carries the implication: Who are you to challenge them?

5 Mar 2015

Lamb to rise, wool to slump: ABARES


AMB slaughterings will soar to 22.3 million this year, the highest number for 43 years, as producers enjoy an expected 7 per cent rise in average saleyard prices to 510 cents a kilogram in 2014-15. Attractive prices for both lamb and mutton will clip the national sheep flock by 3pc to 70.7m head by June.

19 Feb 2015

Sodexo Expands Ongoing Commitment to More Humane Supply Chain Through its Comprehensive Animal Welfare Policy


Sodexo announces new commitment to eliminate veal crates from its supply chain and a phased-in approach to sourcing all egg products exclusively from cage-free hens.

18 Feb 2015

Wool review overdue: Lamb


Opinion: Any industry or business for that matter that feels it is perfect, or cannot function better than it already does is probably doomed to failure.


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